March 25, 2014

#MH370 for the better

It is 1.15am right now. Almost 18 days since the #mh370 aircraft was reported missing. For me, these 18 days went by quite swiftly. But I am sure it isn't the same for the families of the crew and passengers aboard the aircraft. As much as I try to put myself in their position, I know I will never understand or feel the same pain and anxiety they went through.

While it may have been a tough time for the families these 18 days, today would have been the most difficult as it was made official the status of the aircraft. The aircraft was confirmed to be 'lost' or in other words, forever gone.

There were many speculations in this period of time and I was really hoping for the plane to be hijacked instead of crashed as I would like to hope for the survival rate and chance to be higher. Unfortunately it was the latter that happened.

But at the very least, we now have a closure. My deepest condolonces to the family members of the crew and passengers aboard #mh370. My heart also goes out to all who were involved in the SAR operation be it the various countries, governments, militaries, and all who were involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In each and every tragedy there are lessons to be learned and there are wisdom to be unearthed. I shall attempt to put what I have learned in quotes.

'In dire situations there is no right or wrong. We can only do our best.'

'The pain and grief of the affected families will never be understood by us, the bystanders.'

'Life has many uncertainties. So what are we really living for?'

'Love is forever. But we do not have forever to love.'

'Regardless of race, religion and color, humans are naturally soft hearted and kind.'

'We may only live once, but how long or how short is this once? To risk or not to risk? Moderate is the answer.'

'We grief but do we care? If we do, then what's next? To continue living like before or to change our perspective of life?'

'Ignorant is only temporary bliss. True bliss comes from accepting and taking actions to improve for the better.'

'Stop perceiving and start believing.'

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