June 5, 2014

Do I need to love my job to perform well?

The first of my job series! Will be writing a few more posts on the subject. 

Different people will have different answers for this question. Your answers will determine whether you're on the road to failure or success.

 Here are my answers.

1) I never enjoy working for others. 

For those who know me well, knows that I never enjoy working for others. So no matter how awesome my job is, as long as it means working for others, I will never love or enjoy my job. Sorry boss!

2) Will I perform well then?

In my opinion, performing and loving my job is two different things altogether. When we are attached to a job, we are expected to perform,whether or not we love our job. This is the basic requirement when we enroll ourselves to a job. Isn't it? This is how I define being responsible. So the basic answer is yes, I can and will perform well in my job even if I don't love it.

3) I don't love my job but I love my company.

This is the added advantage. Put in any situation I will do my best to perform as I am paid to do so. But being in an environment filled with positive vibes sure do help ease my ability to perform. So while I don't love my job, I am glad that the environment is positive and people in my company are fun bunch to work with.

4) My definition of performing well. 

Performing well can be defined very differently by different people. It can mean doing just enough for the salary you're paid for . Or it can also mean you do more than you're expected to. For me, I choose to do more. Doing more in the sense that the extra mile I go brings benefits to myself and also to others.

5) Why do I do more? 

I choose to do more because it brings benefits in the long run. Firstly, by doing more I am gaining more in terms of knowledge, experience, skills and respect. With these, I am at the edge over the others who choose to do just enough. And doing more to me also means doing things out of my job scope like organising activities that will enhance the knowledge, skills, relationship of all involved. I would like to say all these will be good for my CV but because my aim is to have my own venture, I hope I do not have to update my CV.

That saying so, I actually do enjoy my job! So what is your opinion? Can you perform well if you do not love/enjoy your job?

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