June 19, 2014

Two reasons why I treasure my job

I think I was very lucky to land my current job. My job scope is actually very simple. All I have to do is produce a defined set of results every day and i'm done. This is the simplest way to define my job but looking at it deeper, there is more than just the defined results.

Today I would like to share with you two reasons why I treasure my job. 

1) The potential of growth - Although my job is simple, I personally think it has so much potential to become something more. I treat it like a start-up. A start-up where a simple idea can be turned into something massive. 

I am not the kind of person who can sit still and follow a set of rules every single day for the rest of my life. I like to move, innovate and hopefully create something out of it. So in this job, while others may just look at it as a simple task, I look at it as a rough diamond. A rough diamond after it is cut will turn into a gem of the company. 

I actually do not have a plan in mind yet on how I can improve my job but since I've decided to stay, I definitely will not sit still. I will challenge myself to bring improvement to both the team and myself. 

My point is that we can grow in any position, department and company if we really want to. The onus is on us to want to improve. With this mindset, we will naturally think of ways to improve our jobs which in turn serves the company and ourselves good. It is a win-win situation for sure. 

2) The people - At this time and age, no employers will disagree that the most important asset of a company is the people. And I believe it is a mutual thing. One of the reasons why I decided to stay on is because I have good superiors. I respect them very much. For their care, knowledge, vision and leadership.

I have heard from a lot of my friends about their awful superiors so I am extremely thankful to have superiors who are not only good at their jobs but also care very much for their subordinates. Care not just career wise but also in terms of personal growth. I'm just a bit sad not everyone can see this in them. 

In this dog eat dog world, it is superbly rare to find a bunch of people who would genuinely care for you so it troubles me quite a bit when some people don't respect such good superiors. I really hope they realise it soon. 

Also, not forgetting my colleagues who I see almost every day. However different we are as a person, at work we work as a team. And I really hope we will become good friends too in the long run. That is something I treasure very much. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bunch of good friends to grow old with? 

So yup that sums up my two reasons. Now, why do you treasure your job?

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